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Urtechies: Hassle Free Tech Services

Welcome to .Your one stop shop for hassle free tech services.
From Setup and Installation to Networking and PC Protection, our professionals are here to meet all of your technical and computer needs without you ever needing to leave home.
We offer remote technical assistance to anywhere you are.
To get started, connect now with a live chat representative who is available 24/7 to answer any technical questions you have.
OS Setup,Install &
  • Fixing slow operating systems
  • Fixing slow running applications
  • Fixing compatibility issues
  • Instant support for all Operating System issues
Networking Issues
  • Router Installation Assistance
  • Fixing Wi-fi and modem connectivity issues
  • Fixing internet connectivity issues
  • Instant support for all Networking issues
Protect your PC
  • Eliminating viruses, spyware and malware
  • Protecting your computer from hacking and phishing
  • Installing and Activating antivirus software
  • Securing your PC with AVG Antivirus
  • Setting schedules to restore and backup your data at your preferred time.
  • Cloud backup status monitoring and response – alerting you to any issues with your data.
  • Syncing your files with an unlimited number of devices (including Android, iOS, Mac and PC).
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