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Customer Satisfaction Survey Report

Q1: Were we able to resolve the issue that you called us for?

Q2: Please select the name of the technician that helped you:

Q3: Overall, how satisfied are you with the technical support that you received?

Q4: How helpful was our technician?

Q5: Using any number from 0 to 10, where 0 is the worst and 10 is the best, what number would you use to rateour services?

Google Crome was installed on our computer and we're not fond of it because you can't print a screen unless there is an app associated with the screen.

Vernon Blanton

Not at all, I have enjoyed being a customer of UTechmate and will continue to do so.

Warren Deitch

Very happy with the results and the Tech was very courteous and informative.

Joan Chambers

Mark was very complete and patient with me while doing things on my computer that needed to be done. even though it took three weeks to fix my computer, I am still satisfied with the work

Maria Hoyer

I'm still having problems with my home page, finding all my taskbar icons and always being dropped from internet

Donna Pintozzi

I could not understand my tech due to his accent!! I was switched to another same thing!! Sorry, but it was VERY frustrating to me!!!!

Kayleen Mullen

I am still concerned that this is a scam. It seems odd that I had this problem and your company automatically pops up as the one to call. Did you somehow cause this problem in the first place?

Virginia Wilson

One month ago , on Aptil 10, I signed up for 3 years protection and a year of support and still have the same viruses and warnings dating back to March 12th. Not happy and wondering if this is all a scam! Please do not contact me again!

Jeanne Costigan

No handled my problem very well

John Briceno

Very patient and understanding with consumers lack of knowledge and problems at hand. Thorough and professional..

Gary Schmitt

Great customer services


Why is my PC still so very slow? Faster than before but not as fast as I was promised, it is new.

Sondra Cooley

both tech & supervisor were very patient & knowledgeable about the issues.


Some trouble understanding what was ask of me to do

lewis wright

Only that you note my account with the payments we discussed 25.00 over the next 3 months to a total of 75.00 that I owe you

Margaret L Contreras

I called for routine maintainnce service, not a big problem for the technician, so I don't have any basis for rating him 'best tech possible." But he did answer my question about an anti-virus program and cleaned up my computer.

Bob Dresser

Very satisfied. Great customer service

Pamela Shields

Very Helpful

Jerry A Chiaramonte

None at this time.

Ed Ginzler

Time will tell if fix is effective

Michael Wear

When I called the toll free number I was under the impression I was being connected with Microsoft, not a third party company. That was deceptive, in my opinion.

Jerry Fouke

Only comment is that tech was very pushy about taking the 5yr plan. It was the best deal, no question. I hope that AVG proves to be the best.

Sheree Carter

I will be much better able to rate your services the longer I have tech support with you.

Iva Revell

Technician was very helpful and extremely patient.

Catherine G Duncan

Till now, I thought that I could get my Windows problems fixed by National Support Group, my regular troubleshooter, but apparently not. Thanks.for your help.

Walter Moore

It was nice to get phone calls and talk to a person while the work was being done.

Tom Meyer

no, other then u should have a Canadian company, as the exchange was horrible on my pocket.

valentina bresolin

There was a lot to do, he was quick and took care of it in a short time.

jack kent

Did not describe service I would receive for what I actually would get.

Donald Matysik

Service was over top will recommend to friends!!

Gordon Spence

Very happy with the service and the waythey resolved my problem

jory sherwood

Just thank you for fixing my issue

Pedro correia

It is difficult to have to pay for services multiple times

Donna Walsworth

It was hard to understand the tech at certain times.

Randy Proulx

Some malware may remain on my Chrome browser. A pop-up gets hijacked on occasion while using Chrome.

Dennis O'Dea

When helping the customer, be thorough on your explanations of what each of your actions is doing.

Lucas Harvey

I wasn't told that the $6.50 alone would have corrected my problem. I was led to believe that I had to take the service contract otherwise my computer would crash within 10 days. Walt Brand

Walter Brand

I was told this was an Apple contractor. It is NOT!!! I want a refund


I appreciated that they took time to explain to me the situation with my computer; they quickly took control and quided me towards fixing my computer. Thank you.

Vicki Abadajos

Both times I contacted you, right before my infection I entered in the address, Could this be the source of the infections (or coincidence)?

Steven Miller

I was led to believe that your service was sponsored by Microsoft.

Ronald Wilson

I'd like to let the manger for Mark Pinkman that he was very helpful and professional in resolving my computer issue. He even stayed late by a couple of hours to make sure the problem was resolved. Another tech and worked on in several hours before Mike got on the task and I really appreciated his efforts.

LeeRoy Schmedthorst

technicians were very hard to understand due to thick accents

Mark Alkire

very helpful

kathryn niles

Thanks for your help

Byrdella Geditz

i am very pleased with the help I received. The technician was very patient with me when I had trouble understanding what I needed to do. Thank you for the time and trouble spent in cleaning out my computer.

Sandra Haines

Best technician ever on this planet. Mark Smith Love you.

Donna Black

He answered all my questions politely and patiently.

Jeff Mohr



It's not good when you have the same problem the next day

Mark Young

He was very patient with me inspite of the fact that he was dealing with a techno idiot!

peggy shoe

It was a little difficult understanding Christopher John. The next day I had to call back to have the tech do a redo. It is doing fine so far.

Donna Waterman

I am asking for a refund for services you provided on Sunday, 10/23/16 due to unfair sales practices. When my computer flashed a virus warning accompanied with your phone # I naturally called it. A sales associate, Christopher, answered and told me my computer had no firewall protection and my Windows 10 program was temporary. He told me the only way to fix this was either to have "your firm" install Windows 10 along with increased anti-spyware protection or, "buy a new computer". Acting on trust, I agreed to have your firm install the "needed protection" . After 3.5 hrs. I was told everything was resolved. On Monday,10,24,2016 I called my computer store and was told I was "sold a lie". I was told I didn't need anything and that my computer wasn't at risk as I still had a years service of NOD32, and malwear bytes protection. I will be calling my VISA rep this am, and making a complaint of sales malpractice. Please contact me this am. XXX-XXX-XXXX.

carlton schmidt

The security concern I had was explained and I ended up buying a security package but I believe it is something I need. I am very satisfied with the overall transaction.

Pat McIngvale

I appreciate the written notices and info. I have a hearing loss that makes phone calls difficult.

Shirley Rather

no. am satisfied.

Barbara Mott

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+1 800 939 3989